SINCE 2016

Our Wines

Unoaked and free from preservatives, additives, and commercial yeast, our wines are completely blunt. In other words, they would never lie. Following a natural fermentation of healthy grapes bearing their own terroir-originating wild yeast, Sept wines are fresh and balanced juices that convey the most alive and honest expression of Lebanon’s terroirs in a glass.

With a focus on indigenous grape varieties, our range of wines keeps evolving, reflecting our winemaker’s love for unconventional, surprising, and innovative experiments.


Winner of the Gold Medal

Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2023


A childhood dream bringing back the memory of 1986’s last harvest of the lost Merweh vineyard of Nehla.

A unique expression of Lebanon’s lost wine culture, this wine is a true homage to our ancestors and roots. A way to honor the past and celebrate life.


Seasonal Favorites


Cuvée du Soleil

This wine can easily go for aperitivo. It is also enjoyed with different hot meals, especially spicy meals.

Grape Variety: 60% Tempranillo, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
Ages of Vines: > 20 years
Terroir: North Bekaa
Orientation: East
Altitude: 1150m
Soil: Deep Red Clay
Agriculture: Organic
Alcohol: 14%
Total sulfur dioxide: < 25 mg/l
Ageing: Inox tank, élevage sur lies, 12 mois
Quantity: 6,000 btls

Tasting Notes: This wine is the fruit of grapevines cultivated in Lebanon’s driest terroir, historically known for Hashish. This wine was made at Sept to prove that Lebanese red wines can be light, fruity, and fresh, even if originating from the driest and warmest terroirs.

Service Temperature: 18 °C – Decant 30 min in advance.



This wine has a rich structure that can be perfectly paired with goat cheese, fish meals, raw fish, tartar and rich salads.

Grape Variety: 100% Obeideh
Ages of Vines: > 60 years
Terroir: Zahleh
Orientation: East
Altitude: 1150m
Soil: Argilo-calcaire
Agriculture: Organic
Alcohol: 12.5%
Total sulfur dioxide: 19 mg/l
Ageing: Inox tank, élevage sur lees, 12 mois
Quantity: 5,000 btls

Tasting Notes: Elegant and discrete, this revived old indigenous grape variety has a nose of white flowers, night-blooming jasmine and honeysuckle. The mouth is fresh and citrusy with hints of bitter almonds and honey.

Service Temperature: 16 °C – Let the wine breathe and experience the evolution of aromas and flavors.


Syrah de Nehla

This wine pairs beautifully with French cheese as well as red meat, especially grilled goat meat, duck and pork.

Grape Variety: 100% Syrah
Ages of Vines: 12 years
Terroir: Nehla, Liban Nord
Orientation: North/West
Altitude: 950m
Soil: Limestone bed rock, mix of clay, sand and stones. Soil rich in sea fossils.
Agriculture: Biodynamic
Alcohol: 13.7%
Total sulfur dioxide: No added sulfites
Ageing: Inox tank, élevage sur lies, 12 months
Quantity: 400 btls

Tasting Notes: This vintage is the fruit of grapevines exposed to optimal warmth during the day and breathing sea air at night, resulting in a Syrah true to its soil, dense and light at once with a lingering finish of fresh tannins. A very rich and complex wine with a strong and deep structure

Service Temperature: 18 °C – Decant 30 min in advance.