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Un vin de Lieu


The Story

A Story of Passion


Sept winery is born out of a desire to revive a family’s land and cultivate it with a life-changing passion that matured over the years. When happiness unfolded in the taste of wine, Maher knew his true calling was awaiting him deeply-rooted in his father’s land. A change of heart and path brings him back to his village in the mountains of Lebanon where he realizes his vision of starting a biodynamic vineyard. Today, this vineyard is committed to producing wine that expresses the extraordinary nature of Lebanon’s terroir by celebrating the richness and authenticity of its Mediterranean soil.  

A Biodynamic Approach


Believing in Nature’s way, Maher strictly abides by the guidelines of biodynamic and natural agriculture, never intervening in the organic growth of his grapes or the vinification process. For him, Nature is a perfect example of a successful surviving and productive model based on equilibrium between the elements that define every environment: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Maher’s intervention in the land as a vintner is never corrective; the only thing it aims to do is to respect and preserve a natural balance in his vineyard through a glorious combination of sun, soil, air, and water. Totally chemical free, his soil is worked according to the lunar calendar to guarantee the yielding of a perfect fruit.   

Un “Vin de Lieu”


  By producing wines that express the rich diversity and exceptional character of the Lebanese soil, “Sept” is proud to call itself a “vin de lieu”.  A “vin” that offers the authentic taste of Lebanon, using indigenous yeast and free from any additives. With a fervent mission to reconnect with nature and to celebrate Lebanese grapes and soil, Sept aims to become an ambassador of Lebanon’s heritage and an inspiring model of biodynamic agriculture in the region and the world.    

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